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April 07 2016


Mountfield Lawnmowers

Mountfield mowers

Mountfield has been a top UK brand for over 50 years and are sold by way of a quality Dealer network which includes www.gardenmachineryworld.co.uk

Mountfield lawnmowers
They began manufacturing rotary lawnmowers at premises in Maidenhead in 1962 and they offer quality and reliability and all at an affordable price. Equally as important may be the emphasis Mountfield put on their after sales service. They provide a full manufacturer's warranty giving its customers great comfort.

When it comes to value for money Mountfield can easily offer competitive prices on the entry-level consumer lawn mowers because of their reliable own-brand engines. This permits them to under-cut their competitors yet still maintain high specifications because of its customers.

Customers can be quite fickle especially when it comes to entry level mowers but generally Mountfield does adequately in reviews of this range of products.

These products are certainly well built and meet its good name.Plain and simple
it does what its meant to do very well indeed, and clients are often surprised how fix it keeps itself underneath and round the blades even in dirty wet conditions which after all can often be the norm in the united kingdom.

If you haven't any example of operating a Mountfield mower they are available in comprehensive instructions. Having taken delivery the mower demands the assembly of the bars. This is a simple operation and requirements the use of a 10mm spanner and a standard screw-driver. The mower is usually delivered with the height adjusters for that front wheels at approximately 180º from their normal operating position.To reposition them correctly a number of 13mm spanners are needed to deal with the bolts securing the adjusters. Finally after filling the petrol tank for the first time 3 strokes of the primer are required to get the petrol fuel through the system. Once completed the engine starts easily.

From your customer perspective it's this simplicity that is high on their agenda and Mountfield doesn't disappoint here. Every week in the grass cutting season 3 pumps with the fuel pump, pull the handle & it starts first time. Adjust the highest setting for your personal taste and head off the lawn. It's so effortless and the self-propelled element just helps make the regular weekly cut pleasurable even if your garden is slightly uphill.

Garden Machinery World located in Gloucestershire provide a full range of Mountfield products as well as a comprehensive after-sales service so take a look at their site at www.gardenmachineryworld.co.uk

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